History of the Zodiacs

The Scientific Origin of the Zodiac is fascinating, but sadly it has become a strange source of drama and misinformation. I will break it all down in this Free WebClass.

From the most ancient origins in Egypt and Babylon, to its migration to Greece and India, the History of the Zodiacs is fascinating and all encompassing. It shows the cross cultural connections between most of the ancient world, Pre “Dark Ages”, and it’s implications for the modern world we inhabit now. 

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I will discuss:

The scientific research from O. Neugebauer, Pingree, Robert Powell and others, who have studied the astronomy and culture of prehistoric times, and their cosmology. We will embark on a fascinating journey that shows the earliest star mapping from ancient Egypt and Babylon as the impetus for what would become the astrological systems we know today.

We will see the convergence of culture common mythology and religion, as the tropical zodiac is introduced to the Greeks and Indians (Was it by mistake?, Was it meant to be astrological at all?)

We will look at the works of Claudius Ptolemy, Hipparchus, Varahamihira and Parashara, as well as modern astrologers and Egyptologists like Cyril Fagan and even a few contemporaries like myself and others will be discussed.

I would doubt that you have heard the Zodiacs discussed this way. Especially If you are used to the current discussions about zodiac’s in the Vedic astrology world, this will be a breath of fresh air for you. I promise you that.

I will show up with plenty of facts and plenty of sass!


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