Download This Reading Template – Awaken the Planets as Inner Forces 

Understanding the connection between the inner and outer universe is foundational to everything else that follows in astrology. This is the reason all of the disconnected information takes you no closer to embodying astrological wisdom. It is not possible to connect astrology to others until it connects inside of you. You should consider studying astrology correctly. it is the study of how your higher Self and lower self are in communion as the Self-creating universe.

Testimonials from Students in The Current Course

  • Sam’s astrology certification is incredible, not only is it affordable I am constantly elated by Sam’s quality and passion for this work. I started studying about a year ago and although I have studied before it has helped me have a stronger grasp of the basics, ensuring a much stronger foundation to stand on for in depth understanding. I would definitely recommend the course. Thank you Sam! Kurt Huerta
  • Sam is an articulate teacher and his teachings are well researched and backed with experience. His explanations are detailed and with examples. I have not only gained knowledge in the field of astrology, but I have also grown as a person along with understanding the planets and its effects on us. I would definitely recommend this course as it explains astrology by connecting us with reality. Geeta Ramakrishnan
  • As a teacher Sam is amazing in his ability to teach the important facts yet relate real life cituation into the program. Even though I have studied the planets and signs before I feel I have a much better understanding and level of mastery. I would definitely recommend the course. Wende goodman
  • I have found Sam’s certification course to be the best course on Vedic astrology I have taken. Sam’s clarity in his teachings and breakdown of the these ancient principles makes understanding this complex and difficult subject attainable. Before Sam’s classes I studied Jyotish because I liked it but I didn’t think it was possible for me to become a professional astrologer as it was too hard for me to put it all together. Sam’s style of teaching and layout of the modules has made me think that yes even I can read another persons chart.
  • ,… the downloadable audios and manual are great. I can review, listen on my Iphone and read as often as I need to. I love taking classes in person so I didn’t think I would have the motivation to do this course but I found that I do and being able to review the videos and audios over and over is a big help. Plus there is an active forum and Sam will answer your questions there for real. Thank you Sam for decoding Jyotish for the 21st century.
  • Your journey with Sam will begin with a solid foundation of the origin of Jyotish and its deep roots within the Vedas. This is a rare opportunity for one to immerse their self into this beautiful spiritual science. Whether you’re a novice or advanced student of Jyotish or the Vedas you will gain tremendous knowledge that will be invaluable to deepening your awareness and understanding of your karmic path and the journey of the soul.
  • I have been taking Sam’s class and find it very thorough and comprehensive. I really find his methodology very user friendly. He sends a synopsis of the class ahead of time and gives an hour and a half lecture which can be listened to again and again. He also has us answer a questionaire every week which we can also use to gauge how we are doing. There is an interactive form for all of us to engage in if we so choose. He has taken his time to make sure that the fundamentals are well understood, so that we can build upon this structure.
  • It is a blessing to be able to receive this sacred knowledge from the astrology certification course from Sam Geppi. It seems that it is Sam’s mission in life to see that everyone is able to grasp the importance of this science. His unique teaching style and order of lessons are easily comprehended. Sam’s students are not only inspired by his wisdom and joy of sharing but their lives are transformed by it as well

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Thank You! – Are You Ready to Step Up? – We Need You
I want to thank you for declaring your intention and interest in being a Vedic astrologer. The world needs people like you to step up and lead the next paradigm shift of growth and change. That is why I have made a commitment to teach as many people as I can.

Your Frustrations – Not Your Fault
You are probably like many I encounter. You have been gathering a lot of information about Vedic astrology for many years, and you know quite a bit “about it”. But you do not have the confidence to actually do it professionally yet. Something is missing.

It is too hard (you tell yourself).
You are just not “gifted enough” (you tell yourself).

I Say Bull!,… You Can Do This, You Just Need a System
You are probably a lot like me 10-12 years ago. I loved Vedic astrology and could feel how it was connected to the highest truth of existence, but I did not know how – and those well-meaning teachers around me had nothing consistent and repeatable to offer. In other words, no system.

So I returned to the roots of Astrology, the Vedic Sciences themselves, my roots – and just f0cused on the highest leverage Principles. Then pretty soon I realized I had stumbled onto a system that really worked. Actually, it was not MY system, it was The System – laid out simply and elegantly in the great Vedic astrology texts. Hidden in plain sight, because very few people understand the depth of the Vedic teachings laid out right before our eyes.

The System is the Star – Not Me, the Teacher
Anything can be learned simply and easily with the proper system in place. Once I realized I had cracked the code (of sorts) I began working on more and more ways to teach people like you how to connect their “love of astrology” with a system that is worth of their devotion.

Well, it has worked, and I have since taught this system of astrology to hundreds of students.
You can read their comments here.

Most importantly, I can teach this system of astrology to you too.

Choose a Teacher Carefully – I Invite Your Scrutiny and Comparison

I think it is very important for everyone to learn astrology in this modern era. As I have said before many times, we are meant to have this knowledge and wisdom, as all of the “Brahmins” (educated people) from the sat Yuga  (Golden Age) learned astrology. That is why I have made it my mission to teach astrology to as many people as i can in what ever form they are ready for.998765

Most do not have the time to pore over ancient texts. That is why someone like myself can put you on the fast track to learning Vedic astrology in record time. This is not just an opinion or an empty claim, it is backed up by years of teaching and satisfied students. You can read their words on this page.  

Not only have I taught this certification course to hundreds of my students, but I was also hired to teach the course to the students of Dr. Pillai (formerly Dattatreyya Shiva Baba) of Astroved University. “Baba” is known as an enlightened Sat Guru, who has counseled by famous thought leaders as Wayne Dyer in Eastern Sciences. In fact, Wayne Dyer dedicated one of his books to “Baba”. I am proud (if I may use that word,.. LOL) that such an eminent Indian guru would hire me to teach his students astrology.

But since then the program has been improved.   

When thinking about actually learning astrology, and actually having it benefit your life (rather than just dabbling in it for entertainment value) ask yourself about the teacher.

  • What does the teacher’s students say about them? (See my testimonials)
  • What does the teacher’s peers say about them? (Baba, Conferences and Centers)
  • Are they Certified through any Organization? (CVA and ACVA Levels I and II)
  • Are they generous, do ProBono work, offer free resources? (Numerous, ongoing)
  • Do they stand behind their work (Yes, I offer a Guarantee)
  • Are they published, a researcher, meticulous? (Yes)
  • Are they a proven teacher, not just a proven counselor (they are different). (Yes)
  • How do they carry themselves / walking the talk? (Yes, a Yoga teacher / devotee)

As I say, I invite your scrutiny and comparison. 

A brief chronology of my teaching career and certification Course(s)

  • 2004 – Published first Book “The Ascendant-108 Planets of VeAmazon.com__Sam_geppi__Booksdic Astrology”. It goes on to top the #1 Astrology categ0ry on numerous times. It has a 4.9 out of 5 Stars 
  • 2006 – Taught the first “Foundations of Vedic Astrology” courses to more than 20 students. 
  • 2008 – Taught the first four module Course, called “Universal Astrology” to more than 20 students in real time. Since then, the 52 hours of recordings have trained hundreds of other students. (These recordings are a bonus when you register for the course)
  • 2009 – Was hired by Astroved University of Vedic Sciences to be the main teacher of their first ever (and up to this point ONLY) certification Course. This was taught to more than 60 students.
  • 2012 – Set up the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science Certification Course, Level I Course, modeled after the three previous courses. I had close to 70 students in that course. 
  • 2013 – Currently leading the Level I Certification Course for the 2013 Class. Also, set up the Level II Course for the 35 Level I students who graduated from the 2012 course. Ten of the previous Level I students are tutoring the 2013 class. Endorsed many Level 1 graduates for doing astrology readings based on their level of proficiency. 

What I have not mentioned here are the numerous in-person workshops and conferences I have taught over the years on subjects as vast as ayurveda, relationships, Nodes and eclipses, Nakshatras,… etc. As well as numerous other online classes, Webinars podcasts, forecasts, beginning in 2003 – and until the present moment.

Also I have not mentioned the more than 3000 paid consultations I have done since 2002, when my full time practice began.  

As I said, I invite your scrutiny and comparison in these matters, as you look for a teacher to study with.

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P.S. Not to Be A Killjoy, But,…  

I have noticed on line these days, it seems like everyday there is a new popular Vedic astrology expert on Youtube or Facebook. I think it is great that Vedic astrology has become so popular as to actually be “cool”. But for you, as a serious student, you must take care when you choose a teacher. Make sure you choose a teacher like you would choose any other professional, like a doctor, and run those teachers through the gauntlet I laid out above – the same gauntlet I am inviting you to put ME through – and see how I / they compare.

Are they Certified?
Experienced in Leading Hundreds of Students for 10+ Years?
Meticulous and Authentic?
Back up their courses (if they even offer courses) with Guarantees?
Pages and pages of testimonials from actual students? 

I love the democratization of information and the fact that even Vedic astrology can be made”entertaining”, etc. In fact, I have been doing this in one media or another for more than 10 years, before it was cool! We just need to be careful in this “Information Age” that our teachers and the information we are getting from them is pure and real and not just the result of some modern trend.

As I have said, I think everyone should study Vedic astrology. Whether you study with me or not is up to you, but i will put my credentials up for examination, so you can make the best decision.

And oh yes, you do not have to take my word for any of it.

Testimonials from Students in The Current Course (continued,..)

  • It is like math, if you learn the principles well, then you can easily work out the math, if not, then you are completely lost. This was the trouble with me in the past, that the teacher flew past the fundamentals in four or five classes and then beelined thru predictions and analysis. I am very pleased and intend to take the follow up to this course next year. I am very satisfied with the certification course so far and look forward to each new week as it unfolds. Thanks Sam. Jeanine Ligon
  • Sam’s Vedic astrology certification is adding a most exciting and fulfilling dimension to my other astrology knowledge because Sam brings in the depth and beauty and wisdom of the ancient Vedic chasers which ties in perfectly with my spiritual beliefs and practices. I am currently studying both traditional astrology which deeply respects karma theory, which I thorooughly enjoy and , and psychological astrology which I find very interesting but disagree with the fundamental precept of it that we are the creators of our own destiny. What I especially appreciate about Sam’s course is that he makes the ancient scriptures utterly relevant in modern day through powerful reading of the horoscope. Karen James Golden Sun Astrologer
  • As a teacher Sam is very organized clear and conscise and did I mention humorous. This makes following and understanding the teachings very easy and entertaining. But what I like the most is Sam’s teaching is grounded in vedanta. The very backbone of vedic astrology. Nick
  • I have found Sam’s astrology certification to be grounding in my Astrological Knowledge. “I have been very surprised and grateful at how flexible Sam has been during the course with teaching and answering questions . As a teacher Sam is a teacher who does the research and tests his knowledge. He refines his knowledge to make sure we are getting the the best possible information at all times.
  • I found this astrology certification course to be very helpful and useful. Sam is an excellent teacher and I found his classes very clear and profound, and interesting and stimulating at the same time. Even though I studied before I defintely recomand this course for all serious astrology students and also spiritual seekers that wants to explore in depth this fascinating ancient Vedic Science
  • For me, it is more than “just astrology class. It is the whole teaching about life, every single aspect of it. Amazing and magical, at the same time. Thank you, Sam. Iva, Croatia
  • I have found Sam’s astrology certification course to be highly informative and valuable. There’s a lot of information to take in and Sam breaks down the details into bite-sized chunks to make learning easier. I have learnt so much since I started the course in August and now have a better understanding of the vedic culture and history. Sam’s explanation of the 3 gunas has helped me to understand how they work. His way of teaching Planets with the signs makes a lot of sense.
  • I’m blessed: after about 4 years of reading, researching Jyotish and feeling somewhat intimidated by its greatness, I made the life-changing decision of studying with Sam for a proper certification. So far the experience has been beyond amazing. Before this course I used to read about Vedic astrology and the almost infinite possibilities in a chart, and I would end up with some confusion and questions in my mind. I wanted to study with my guru, Dattatreya Siva Baba, founder of Astroved, but he was not available. When he recommended Sam, I made that decision out of trust in my guru. Before this course, I never thought that Jyotish could be made so easy while following, at the same time, the classical texts and the purity of Vedic thought. Sam can achieve this feat in a unique, friendly and precise style. I am so happy that I signed up. In this course I’m always looking forward to the next level — it’s fascinating. Thanks so much, Sam, for making this study possible. Jyotish was definitely a missing link in my yogic studies and in my understanding of the universe. Donatella Riback, yogini, writer, and student of Vedic astrology

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