Vedic Astrology Swiss Army Knife

Online Virtual Conference

Friday – Sunday August 17-19

1o am – 3 pm Pdt

Use the right tool at the right time!

DAY 1 – Static and Dynamic factors evaluated
The chart is where you START in life. It is set. Then the dynamic factors take over.

DAY 2 – Planets, Signs Houses and NakshtrasThe important structures in Vedic astrology and their interconnections to each other. 

DAY 3 – Deeper subtleties in chart analysis

The “Swiss Army Knife”, where I take out the the scissors and the can opener!  

Learn the strategies and special “tools” I have been using for years. This “Swiss Army knife” has allowed me to open hidden passages, surgically dissect charts and cut away the unnecessary excess.  

You will learn:

Day 1 – Evaluating Static & Dynamic Factors
~ Hierarchy of importance for character traits
* Ruling planet dignity
* Other house of ANY house ruler
* Character Yogas

~ Hierarchy of importance for life potentials
* 3 Karakas
* Dignities
* Special planets for each ascendant and different areas of life

~ Hierarchy of importance in timing / karmas ripening
* Dasas or transits? What is happening
* Special dasa moments that make things happen

Day 2 – Planets, Sign, Houses, Nakshatras, Harmonic Charts
~ Predictive Power and Evolution
* Resolving (apparent) conflicting information.
* Drilling down into Harmonic Charts – When and how
* Parashari and Jaimini Factors (Atma karaka, bhava Padas)
* How to see the difference between results and consciousness
* The 4 possibilities with Karma – Getting, Not getting / Liking, not liking

Day 3 – Subtle Chart Analysis and Timing Factors
* Mahapurusha yogas
* Exchanges
* Bhavat Bhavam compounding
* Hemming
* Dasas
* Exact degrees
* Many inside tricks that ONLY come from 15 years of full-time astrology practice – readings and classes. 

Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” and “The Ascendents-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology” and the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, which offers level 1-3 Certification Programs in Vedic Astrology. He is a renowned Vedic Astrologer, teacher and speaker.

Alix Claiman a professional Vedic astrologer and student of the school will be assisting.  

Sam Geppi – Vedic astrologer and author of “Yoga and Vedic Astrology” will be teaching.

Alix Claman – Vedic Astrologer will be assisting and answering questions.  

$179.00 For 12 Hours
(Friday – Sunday) August 17-19
This weekend course is based on the teachings from Sam’s Book “Yoga and Vedic Astrology”.


  • ~ Beautiful San Diego
  • ~ 1 mile from the beach in La Jolla
  • ~ Group Dinner
  • ~ Meet your classmates
  • ~ Get Immersed in the myth of Vedic Culture and YOUR Chart.

Overview of the Jaimini System of Astrology – Case Studies

Weekend Overview and Details

:: Jaimini Astrology Immersion ::
Even though it may sound complicated and maybe “above your head”, jaimini Astrology is actually very straightforward and direct and gives enormous flexibility and powerful options when it comes to making predictions. 

Jaimini astrology revolves around a few key calculations that we will discuss and utilize in this special weekend:
Bhava Padas (Arudhas) – shows the actions of the bhavas
Chara Karakas (Atma karaka, Amatya karak, etc.) – movable indicators for each chart
Karakamsa(s) – Altenative lagna(s) for different Vargas
Chara Dasa (for timing) – Rasi based dasa system
Rasi Aspects – Sign based aspects used in Jaimini Astrology

Class Structure and Schedule:
Friday – Overview and reframing of how planets signs and houses work together naturally and in the Jaimini System. The difference between natural Karakas (planets) and the Chara Karakas (based on degree). Rasi Aspects, Chara Dasa and more.
Hours: 12-7 with approx. 1-1.56 hour break

Saturday – Emphasis on Bhava Padas (arudhas), calculations – usuage in the natal chart in general, special usage in transit, upapada, 7th house pada, lagna pada, usage in vargas – cross connection with Parashari astrology. Chara karakas explained / calculated
Hours: 10-6 with 2 hour lunch break

Sunday – Chara karakas continued, 
Swamsa calculation, Karakamsa and usage in vargas, Chara dasa (calculation and usage), connection to Vimshottari, Jaimini principles with the Nodes (co-ruling Scorpio / Aquarius), rasi Aspects, transits, predictions – integrations.
Hours: 10-6 with 2 hour lunch break


  • You will learn how to read the chart based purely on the Jaimini factors.
  • You will learn how to cross check and see the same indicators from 2 points of view (Parashari and Jaimini). This includes evaluating fixed and chara karakas – reading charts from the lagna and the Swamsa.
  • You will get a great new technique for assessing planetary transits. 
  • You will see a powerful way to read the chart of a client with no birth time.
  • A lot more.

Photos From Recent Classes  


  1. Tricia Zeoli

    Will the classes be recorded if a registrant cannot make all the hours and days scheduled for the weekend?

    • Elizabeth

      Namaste ~ I would like to take the course too. I can only attend a few hours on Saturday afternoon but available for Friday and Sunday classes. Will there be a recording available. If so I’m in!!


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