Spiritual Astrology Course Excerpts – The Planets

Connecting the outer forces of intelligence with your inner mind and consciousness

Understanding the spiritual implications of the planets is absolutely vital in understanding astrology and our higher nature. In this brief excerpt, from the spiritual astrology course, I explain the nature of a few planets, and how we can resolve inner conflicts by understanding them.

Resolving Inner Conflicts
So much of what I do in an astrology reading is geared around the things I discussed in the video. Something as simple as “planets in signs”, carry enormous implications due to the rulerships involved. When a planet is in the sign of another, where it does not share a lot of the universal attributes, we see many inner conflicts.

Spiritual Astrology Course Excerpts - Planets

Spiritual Astrology Course Excerpts – Planets

The Desire / Morality Conflict is the Jupiter / Venus Conflict:
This is a very common inner conflict. We may have lustful thoughts or strong attractions to others, but perhaps it is not morally acceptable to act on them. For example, maybe we are married. This is the classic example of a Jupiter/Venus inner conflict. Jupiter is about propriety in righteousness, faith, religion and morality. Venus is about enjoyment, pleasure and desire. If we are in a loveless marriage,  the Venus/Jupiter conflict may be difficult for us.

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