Spiritual Astrology – Master Course

In this Spiritual Astrology Intensive, I break down all facets of approaching and understanding Vedic astrology from a Spiritual perspective

The course includes the Deities implication and stories of every Nakshatra, Sign, Planet.

I discuss how to understand them in context, not just “what they are”.

Including Deities:

From the Vedas: Indra, Agni, Ahir Bhudnya, etc.

From the Puranas: Shiva Ganesha, Lakshmi, etc.

Vishnu Avatars: Matsya, Kurma, Rama, Krishna, etc

Many Case Studies Included to Show You How Spirituality Evolves in Our Life

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~ The important stories and myths for every planet in every chart every time. This gives you enormous insight into your clients and yourself. Are you ready to be an astrological mind reader?

~ How to overcome wavering confidence and replace it with consistent vision. Imagine acting from a place of unwavering strength to accomplish your goals, rather than inconsistent results based on up-and-down motivations. The hidden connections between ego, self-will, siblings and authentic spirituality.

~ Finally you and others will know when to assert your ego and when to back off. Why Rahu and Ketu can be the most spiritual forces in the astrology chart. It’s about time you learn about the Nodes beyond the simplistic ‘bad news’ ideology.

~ How to use Nakshatra’s and the deities in actual chart readings, not just in theory. You will see this demonstrated over and over again. How to stop being tossed around mercilessly by the emotional tides of life, and instead sink deeply into the heart, deeply into yourself.

~ The connection between teachers, children, romantic partners, and creative self-indulgence. Learn to follow your heart’s desire straight to the goal of total fulfillment. Important clues to spiritual development shown only in the harmonic charts. I have rarely, if ever taught these secret methods – and they really work!

~ How the deities from the Vedas morphed into more common ones, such as Shiva and Durga.

~ How to transform the world of distraction and detail into a life of skills, flexibility and intelligence.

~ A “works every time” template that you can use to help people get the most out of their relationships, career or anything else. If you really put this to use, you can start immediately doing professional readings and charging top dollar for them.

~ The secret to transforming life’s difficulties, problems and battles into the highest service. This is where most of your life energy is getting poured down the drain.

~ Much, Much More

Your Course Includes

  • Five – 1.5 Hour Video Classes
  • Reading Templates
  • Extensive Manuals
  • Audio Version (for ipod or digital music player)

CLASS 1(2.5 Hours)Nakshatra Deities and MoreYou will learn the Deities and stories of theNakshatras, Major Puranic Deities and Vishnu Avatars

CLASS 1 (1.5 Hours)Spiritual Qualities of Planets (and Signs)You will learn the most important qualities of Eachplanet and Sign

CLASS 2 (1.5 Hours)Spiritual Qualities of HousesLearn the hidden secrets of the astrology houses andhow they show the expression of the soul’s wisdom.

CLASS3 (1.5 Hours)Techniques for Spiritual Awakening and TimingLearn the most important things to focus on in an astrology chart to discernSpiritual nature, techniques and timing.

CLASS4 (1.5 Hours)Case Studies and ReviewWe will look into many astrology charts (includingclass members who wish to share) to see the nature ofSpiritual awakening and astrology timing.

1 LiveWebinarCLASS 6 (1.5 Hours)Conference Call – Webinar for Review and Clarity (Will be recorded if you can’t make it)


  • Sam’s astrology certification is incredible, not only is it affordable I am constantly elated by Sam’s quality and passion for this work. I started studying about a year ago and although I have studied before it has helped me have a stronger grasp of the basics, ensuring a much stronger foundation to stand on for in depth understanding. I would definitely recommend the course. Thank you Sam! Kurt Huerta
  • Sam is an articulate teacher and his teachings are well researched and backed with experience. His explanations are detailed and with examples. I have not only gained knowledge in the field of astrology, but I have also grown as a person along with understanding the planets and its effects on us. I would definitely recommend this course as it explains astrology by connecting us with reality. Geeta Ramakrishnan
  • As a teacher Sam is amazing in his ability to teach the important facts yet relate real life cituation into the program. Even though I have studied the planets and signs before I feel I have a much better understanding and level of mastery. I would definitely recommend the course. Wende goodman
  • I have found Sam’s certification course to be the best course on Vedic astrology I have taken. Sam’s clarity in his teachings and breakdown of the these ancient principles makes understanding this complex and difficult subject attainable. Before Sam’s classes I studied Jyotish because I liked it but I didn’t think it was possible for me to become a professional astrologer as it was too hard for me to put it all together. Sam’s style of teaching and layout of the modules has made me think that yes even I can read another persons chart.
  • ,… the downloadable audios and manual are great. I can review, listen on my Iphone and read as often as I need to. I love taking classes in person so I didn’t think I would have the motivation to do this course but I found that I do and being able to review the videos and audios over and over is a big help. Plus there is an active forum and Sam will answer your questions there for real. Thank you Sam for decoding Jyotish for the 21st century.
  • Your journey with Sam will begin with a solid foundation of the origin of Jyotish and its deep roots within the Vedas. This is a rare opportunity for one to immerse their self into this beautiful spiritual science. Whether you’re a novice or advanced student of Jyotish or the Vedas you will gain tremendous knowledge that will be invaluable to deepening your awareness and understanding of your karmic path and the journey of the soul.
  • I have been taking Sam’s class and find it very thorough and comprehensive. I really find his methodology very user friendly. He sends a synopsis of the class ahead of time and gives an hour and a half lecture which can be listened to again and again. He also has us answer a questionaire every week which we can also use to gauge how we are doing. There is an interactive form for all of us to engage in if we so choose. He has taken his time to make sure that the fundamentals are well understood, so that we can build upon this structure.
  • It is a blessing to be able to receive this sacred knowledge from the astrology certification course from Sam Geppi. It seems that it is Sam’s mission in life to see that everyone is able to grasp the importance of this science. His unique teaching style and order of lessons are easily comprehended. Sam’s students are not only inspired by his wisdom and joy of sharing but their lives are transformed by it as well


More than 7 HOURS of Classes
Video and Audio
Available Immediately
ONLY 97.00


  Indian Science and Culture
97.00 Value

6 Hours of Recordings from “Indian Science and Culture” Module of my Certification Course. This will give you a comprehensive overview of Vedic philosophy and how it translates into Vedic Astrology 



More than 7 HOURS of Classes
Video and Audio
Available Immediately
ONLY 97.00