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Spiritual Secrets of Vedic Astrology

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Your Life of Illusion  Reconnect with a “Pure” state of mind 

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Course Overview and Details

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:: Spiritual Secrets of Vedic Astrology ::
The most important part of your astrology understanding has very little to do with your understanding of planets signs and houses. It has to do with your understanding about life – how it is formed, where it comes from, where it is going, etc. 

Your Suffering – A Crazy Story  
Once there was a man who saw his neighbor in the middle of the street crawling around on his knees looking for something.
So the man said to his neighbor “what are you looking for”.
The neighbor said to the man “after I came home from the grocery store a few hours ago, I lost my keys”.
The man said to the neighbor, “if you lost your keys after returning home, then wouldn’t they be in your house?”
The neighbor said to the man “yes, probably”.
Confused and bewildered, the man then said to his neighbor, “then why are you crawling around in the hot sun, on the ground looking for them”?
The neighbor said to the man, “because the light is so much better out here!”.

Only 1 Problem and Only 1 Solution
We are all very much like the man in the story, looking for his keys OUTSIDE, in the wrong place, because he thinks there’s “more light there”.

Like this man in the story, we actually know that the real key to unlocking life’s power, beauty and joy lies deep inside, in our own house.

But our house is dark and neglected and confusing. So we pretend that we have forgotten the truth and go on engaged in fruitless external activity.

This is the only problem you have.
You have forgotten your true nature.
“To be more precise, you have forgotten that you have forgotten your true nature”.

So, what is the solution?
That is easy. First, you need to wake up to the reality of what I am describing. Deep inside you know that you don’t understandthe deepest mysteries in life, and therefore do not know yourself. You have beliefs about it, believing that your “soul is immortal”, etc.

But how does it work?
Why did you incarnate?
Why have you forgotten these truths?
If you are really “a soul”, the why does your whole existence revolve around your body and emotions?

The Truth is Out There
If you don’t understand the true nature of yourself, don’t worry, the spiritual traditions of India have paths, philosophies and structures that guide you back home and tell you what to do once you arrive.

In this course that I’m going to be teaching, I will unravel those spiritual structures and systems that illuminate that path back to your home, where you have lost the keys to happiness, joy and power.

I will also connect these principles with Vedic astrology, and all of the important chart factors and dynamics that you need to understand.

This will not only add depth to your astrological studies, but it will add depth to your life. This is the true nature of astrology anyway. It is called “Jyotish”, the science of light,  for a reason.

:: “Spiritual Secrets” Course Specifics ::

In this course I will describe some of the most esoteric concepts mankind has ever devised – and how these esoteric principles are crucial to your understanding astrology and life.

This course will revolve around these key concepts.
Shiva / Shakti State – related to the pure Tattwas and has to do with the “non-dual” unified state of consciousness.
Pre-Birth State – related to Maya and illusion – where our conneciton to oneness interacts with Maya due to our Karma.
Dual State with mind and qualities – From the suble realm of Karma and Maya our mind and body for and incarnate.
Astrological connection to these spiritual structures – These spiritual principles become specific forces of karma once we start to examine the astrological principles.

Class Structure and Schedule:

Class 1 – Shiva Shakti and More
Oneness as seen through the pure Tattwas in Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta. I will explore the concepts of what it means to be and understand your life as universal consciousness
Hours: 1-1.5 hours

Class 2 – Maya, Karma and More
How do thepure energies of oneness mix with our karma and create false self (ego) from pure self (Chit Shakti). How does Ananda Shakti (pure bliss) become desire and lust for happiness. How do the astrological factors come into play?
Hours: 1-1.5 hours

~ Zoom Call 1

Class 4 – Shankya Philosophy – 25 Shaiva Tattwas
We will explore how the karma leads to incarnation and get deeper into the the astrological factors that prevail once we are formed. The chart as a portait of Karma will be discussed
Hours: 1-1.5 hours

Class 4 – Astrology factors and spirituality in Depth
A deep overview with all astrological factors with an emphasis on the timing of spiritual awakening and the most important planets in each chart for spiritual awakening and development. 

Zoom Call 2




Amazing Bonus Class

Module #1 from my Certification Course
6 hours of classes – 125.00 Value  


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To Recap – You Get:

  • 4 Classes on The spiritual secrets of astrology
  • Video, Audio and written form
  • 2 Zoom video conferences
  • Recordings from Module 1 of my Certification course
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