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Astrology Readings and Consultations

On this page, I have all of the specific consultations and assessments listed.
The Consultations will be a conversation when we schedule an appointment to talk. They are 60 minutes long.

The Assessment, 30-minute recordings, are a focused look at a specific area of your life. 

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60 Minute Appointment / Zoom Video Reading

In this session, I will describe your karmic patterning, your strengths, weaknesses – how your past has shaped your present and is shaping your future.

Great for students also, because I can walk you through YOUR CHART on the Zoom video and you have the recording forever.

30 Minute Assessments (Recording not an Appointment)

These focused assessments are a lot of bang for the buck. I speak uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes, and I speak quickly!

Your assessment will be delivered in approximately two weeks, usually less.

Career Astrology Reading

More Contribution and Purpose
Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, and feel like their life was meaningful and important. But why do we shrink from our challenges? Why do you fail to show up big? Learn it now and make a difference in the world.

In this reading, I will evaluate your career factors and see how you show up for your duties and your capacity to sacrifice for your higher purposes in service to the world.

Urgent Transit / Dasa Reading

Get a Plan and Deal with NOW
Get plugged into the here and now with this 30 minute assessment. I will take a deep and focused look at the most important chart factors at any given time, to reveal the best strategies going forward for the next six months to a year.

In this reading, I will evaluate the current astrology weather – the transits and your dashas / cycles. In addition you can tell me your current circumstances. 

Venus / Relationship Reading

More Love and Connection
We all want love and happiness. Our relationships with others are in many ways the key to our life. When we suffer in relationships, our whole life suffers.

In this reading, I will evaluate your relationship patterning – by evaluating Venus, the Moon and other relationship factors. I will also evaluate the chart of another person in this reading.

Moon / Psychology Assessment

More Emotional Health and Peace
Vedic astrology is remarkably adept at showing the psychology of an individual. Each planet is a psychological and emotional force. All of our inner conflicts and karmic dilemmas are shown. But specifically, when evaluating our psychology, we look at the moon.

In this assessment. I will evaluate your psychology, by looking at the planets as they interact with your moon. The planets surrounding the moon and in angles from it show your emotional patterning.

Nakshatra / Spiritual Reading

More Spiritual Connection
The Nakshatras are the key to your spiritual truth. They are a direct connection to your ancient, spiritual lineage – the lineage of the gods and deities That compel you on a deeply heroic level. They are your personal mythology.  

In this reading, I will evaluate the Nakshatras of your Ascendant, Moon, Sun and ruling planet. This will reveal your deeper spiritual heroism.

Spiritual Astrology Assessment

More Insight and Wisdom
We are here to learn the truth of our self, not just enjoy life or get what we want. Astrology can help us understand our deeper spiritual nature – an d connect to greater service and sacrifice.

In this readingm I will evaluate the spiritual factors in your chart and make recommendations about spiritual practices and meditations that may help you. 

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