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Relationship Astrology
Assessing the Individual :: Synastry :: Kuta System

Your Personal Relationship Factors
The #1 thing all your partners have in common is YOU
Learn what that means now
Synastry Between 2 Charts
Which HOT buttons are getting pushed?
Learn what that means now
“Vedic” Kuta Relationship Factors
The deeper spiritual factors in the connection.
Learn what that means now
Imagine Understanding Relationships Once and For All 


Relationship heart aches are some of the most painful experiences in life.

Relationship triumphs are some of the most rewarding.

On a recent weekend in San Francisco I walked a select group of students through universal principles of relationships that have been around since time immemorial. 

They not only listened to themes and concepts,.. 

They Learned How These Principles Come to Life in Actual Astrology Charts and Now You Can Learn Too. 

This is based on the 3DRelationship Astrology Approach that I have used in more than 1000 readings over the last 10 years. 

In this approach you must:

~ Assess the individual tendencies

~ The Synastry / Buttons getting pushed between the 2 charts (use a lot in Western astrology)

~  Nakshatra Kuta connections that show the deeper soul lessons between these universal forces in each other.  

Watch me teach this approach to Absolute Beginners in person.

In this course You Will Learn to Overcome:
1. FailureThe Biggest Mistake – the #1 Reason Relationships Fail. (By Far) 
You are almost certainly making this or have in the past. We are hard-wired to make this mistake

2. Fear – Why we make This Big Mistake and what to do about it.
I can give you the answer right now, fear. When we follow fear instead of love it results in this mistake.

3. Frustration – When to compromise and when to assert yourself.
This is driven by our desires to experience pleasure and happiness with another. But why so much pain?

4. Fanaticism – Overcoming delusions and projections are huge.
Unwinding the soulmate fantasy undermines a lot of relationships. Learn to show up ready to do the work.

5. Flakiness – Why it’s so easy for you (or partners) to just hit the door and not try again.
Learn what keeps us glued to a Partner, for better or worse. The deeper bonds can take us to heaven or hell

6. Much More – This was more than 10 hours of full on class time, with many case studies.
We discussed relationship principles up one side and down the other, and also drilled into the specifics.

Bonus – 9 Week Course on Relationship Astrology

I taught this 9 week course several years ago. There are 18 hours of lessons and charts in this course where I discuss the charts and compatibility of live class members, and celebrities. It is a VERY popular, deep dive into Vedic relationship astrology.

There were many chart reading templates and experiential, real time anecdotes where you see the highest levels of relationship astrology working.

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