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Below are excerpts from the classes. I will be ending this initial discount in a few days, so please take advantage of it while you can.


For a limited time, I have decided to make eight of my most popular home study courses available.

More than 70 hours of classes for ONLY 497.00
But for you, a previous customer, I am 
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Class Format


The videos will play on your computer or tablet


Listen in the car or ipod, while on the go.


Study and reflect on the charts and class manual.

This group of eight Vedic astrology courses is a complete education in astrology, unto itself. Most of these classes are advanced examinations into powerful techniques. Yet, along the way, you will see the principles reestablished and reaffirmed. This is perfect for those astrology students who have been studying for a while, but really want to see astrology working at a very high level and across many different systems and techniques.



#1 Moon Yogas

In this unique course you will see me teach beginners how to assess psychology in astrology charts, just by looking at planets in relationship to the moon. This is a very popular course and will teach you how to understand a persons psychological makeup, and get it right every time.

6 hours of Classes - Charts Included - Audio Included

#2 - Nakshatras

in this comprehensive course I will dissect each of the 27 Nakshatra's. I discuss the Nakshatra scheme as a model of energy that evolves through body, mind and spirit. I also delved deeply into the nature of "deities", in general. In addition, I show the different classifications of Nakshatra deities and show each Nakshatra, both individually, and as it fits into the story arc of creation.

Close to 10 Hours - Charts Included - Audio Included

#3 - Stellar Relationships

In this course you see me teach absolute beginners the three-pronged approach to relationship astrology I have called "3-D relationship astrology". First you see us assess the individual. Next you see us assess Synastry between two charts. And finally you see us bring altogether with the Vedic Kuta system. Even absolute beginners will be able to know the nature of their relationships, and other people's relationships as well.

More than 10 Hours - Charts Included - Audio Included

#4 - Advanced Chart Reading Course

This course was taught to my senior students in San Francisco, January 2013. You see us discuss and dissect chart after chart and go over the core principles of what makes karma's ripen. Many chart examples are used and dissected to the microscopic level. You'll see both personal traits and characteristics unfolded, as well as the specific karma's that ripen.

You see astrology discusses at a very high level and the same repeatable principles discussed and illustrated in natal charts - through dasas, vargas, transits.

I doubt if you have ever seen astrology discussed at this level before .​
Close to 20 Hours - Charts Included - Audio Included

More than 70 hours of classes for ONLY 497.00
But for you, a previous customer, I am
Offering a deeper discount - Only 297.00

Use the Coupon Code "GIFT16"


#5 - Spiritual Astrology Course

In this comprehensive course I dissect all of the spiritual connections to planets, signs, houses and Nakshatra's. This includes, Vishnu Avatars, Puranic Deities, Deities from the Vedas, Incarnations of G-d (like Rama and Krishna), and almost any other type of deity you can imagine. Also, there are many case studies that show an individual's tendencies toward deity worship, as shown by their  Astrology chart. 

More than 10 Hours - Charts Included - Audio Included

#6 - Retrograde Course

This is the most comprehensive course on Retrograde planets that you will see. Each planet for each of the 12 ascending signs is assessed. As each planet is unique as a house ruler for each sign, this must be done in order to get accurate results about how any retrograde planet will act.

I also go into have many case studies included. 

More than 10 Hours - Charts Included - Audio Included

#7 - Rahu / Ketu and Karma

This is a comprehensive, deep dive into Rahu / Ketu, the Lunar Nodes - from all perspectives. I examine the Nodes joined each planet - affecting each house axis and each sign axis.

I also describe each of the Nakshatra ruled by the Nodes and how they affect our karma.
More Than 12 Hours - Charts Included - Audio Included

#8 - Yoga and Vedic Astrology

This comprehensive weekend was a joy to teach. You see me take students through the "basics" of astrology - to very advanced methods of how to read the chart and connect to the living, daily sky.  

I discuss the classical Vedic principles, like the 3 Gunas, 5 elements, 4 Purusharthas, masculine and feminine and how these things filter down into the simple, yet complex structures of astrology.

More than 70 hours of classes for ONLY 497.00
But for you, a previous customer, I am
Offering a deeper discount - Only 297.00

Use the Coupon Code "GIFT16"