3D Relationships Astrology – You, Others, Spirituality

Assessing the Individual

Today I share the biggest mistake most astrology students make in relationship astrology. Most put way too much emphasis on the actual compatibility factors – rather than the individual’s charts. I know that sounds strange, but it is true. This is why many times, even when we get with someone who we have good compatibility with, we mess it up! Good compatibility does not FIX anything in you, it just shows where your worst excesses will not be aggravated.    

It is important to first evaluate each individual chart in relationship astrology. This individual look shows the all-pervasive patterning that transcends any individual relationship experience. After all, the one thing all of your relationships have in common is YOU – think about it. Those common threads are shown in your relationship patterning.

A main focus of the individual examination is to evaluate the masculine and feminine energies. It is important to look at the masculine nature of a man and feminine energy of a woman to see the nature and capacity to assert or receive.

In the video below I give an overview, then look at the charts of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

In the next video I will assess their Synastry. 

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Assessing the Individual Chart

ssessing the iNdividual Chart