Priority and Sequence
In this video you will learn:

  • The difference between Principles, Methods and Outcomes
  • How small improvements lead to big gains and “Compounding” teachings.
  • How to use the subtleties of Yogas, rulerships, dignities and more in chart reading.
  • Much More 

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  1. MichaelBilsland

    It’s just like learning to play music .You can memorize scales all day , or learn another musician’s material , but can you become so well equanted with ,not only the instrument you are playing ,but how the subtleties of mood and behavior,patterns and rhythm of anyone playing different instruments with you ….., where are we moving,..can you anticipate where you are collectively headed from verse to chorus,…..you begin to see the song as you are reading AND writing it at the same time.
    ….Which may seem confusing to someone reading this , but I use looper devices when writing ,and I write on the fly half of the time . It allows me to see the energy behavior of the day ,… And also create,while watching it unfold in front of me.
    That being said , I understand what Sam is getting at when he talks about students trying to memorize as opposed to obsorbing the behaviors and settings of the process he is teaching .
    Very interesting .
    You can have the sheet music in front of you and know how to read it, but how will you play the song ?


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