Principle Stacking

In this video you will learn:

  • The correct sequence for reading a chart
  • How to practically apply the element, guna and ruling planet in chart analysis
  • What a Retrograde planet does (you probably have one in your chart)
  • How Saturn affects you and a chart
  • Much MoreĀ 


  1. Anonymous

    I’m a Sagittarius and Mercury in Sagittarius so I’m a big snacker of astrology videos LOL you got me. I’m also a Virgo rising so I need to do this

  2. Anonymous

    love your comments on the gunas.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice to freshers

  4. Vidya

    Thank you Sam,
    Great video … Cleared layers for me ! Shall give a try ..

    Capricorn rising , Mars rahu first house, lagna lord Saturn with Venus in Taurus !
    Earth sign …So solid, slow , grounded perhaps … Mars fire element adds the fiery nature, individualistic approach, rajasic, driven maybe …But rahu air element adds ideas …Goes awry at times but the stable foundation of Capricorn holds boundaries more so as lord Saturn is in earth sign Taurus showing comfort in holding back and doesn’t allow the fire and air element become a wild fire …. Perhaps…

    Please do tell me ….If am on the right lines ….

    Much respects,

    • Sam Geppi

      Vidya, you are definitely on the right track! You did a very good with this.

  5. SAM

    HI SAM,
    Great course and you go deep into the psychology of chart and that is really great. I have Mercury & Sun conjunction – Mercury with Sun give sharp skills as far as mind is concerned.
    and Moon and Saturn conjunction – This is quite heavy to deal with as Saturn being R, in my chart conjunct moon which is mind so it influences it with restriction but it also supports and protects the house qualities which is in.

    • Sam Geppi

      Hi Sam, that is a good start. But Merc/Sun are joined A lot!,.. and certainly not everyone has a sharp mind. Saturn moon is good for solitude, but can also feel depressing.

  6. Kristin.

    I have virgo rising and sun, moon and mercury in 4th house.

    • Sam Geppi

      ,..any interpretation of that, Kristin?

  7. Julio

    Hi, I’am Pisces ascendant, i have mercury venus conjunction in scorpio, Escorpio is water sign, a karmic sign, it’s tamasic, ruled by Mars, wants to dig deep, so theres’s an intellect that wants to inmerse in the deep waters of Escorpio, so its emotional and profound and Venus is adding passion and pleasure to that.

  8. RobertCase

    Hey Sam! You are gifted at bringing this sacred science to the world. Thank you! Completed Ayurvedic Psychology course but still need more practice and filling in a bunch of gaps.
    What to make of 4 planets in the same house? For me, moon, mercury, venus and saturn in aquarius/11th house.

  9. Diana Abed

    Dear Teacher Sam:

    I became a member about 1 month ago. I have ordered your 108 astrology book as I am new to Vedic astrology (astrology in general),discounted price appreciated. I have enjoyed and benefitted from various initial free video classes very much. Your sincerity to serve is evident by the quality of both your written and spoken communication. I attended your Quantum lecture at the Sedona Vedic Astrology Conference Nov. 2015, my first introduction to you.

    Appears next step: Personal Vedic astrology consult, with focus on current sade sati, general chart, and very importantly practical/action-oriented remedies (not things like gemstones, etc.).

    In appreciation, Diana (San Diego, CA)

    • Sam Geppi

      I do not always do “Personal Vedic astrology consults”,.. but I am glad you are involved.

  10. M

    Thank you for another great video Sam! I wonder if you could comment about Mars paired with Rahu in Cancer 12th house or that combo in general.

  11. Susan

    I remember the wedding well, and turning on the tv very early in the USA to watch it. . She had just turned 20 weeks before the wedding. She was so young., I can’t imagine someone so young having to take that all on. It would be difficult for an older woman. Incredible person who definitely made her mark here on Earth.

  12. Kerem Gurer

    hello my name is kerem gurer, i am from istanbul and i just attended a 50 cent trial course, we will see if i will continue, first of all thank you with all shared knowledge. Yesterday i also ordered your book by the name of Can Coskunkal in Brooklyn NY and also i got the integral course which you did a discount. I just want to say that while i got this trial by 50 cent i gave you the billing addresse of Can Coskunkal instead of istanbul, because i afraid that while sending the bill i thought i would pay extra delivery. So do not surprise that confusion. I am the one who took the book, integral course and the trial. Can is my friend in NY he will bring the book here when he come istanbul. That is all i can say right now. Oooo and Mr. Geppi in the P5 course’s 3rd video you got the princess diana’s birth on 20:40 by the local time, but i think it is 19:45 that is written in astro.com. But does not matter for me that i am using the tropical zodiac:) Again thank you and see you one day! ( that is not a comment about this video but i think here is the way to reach you, yours sincerely )


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