Sense of Purpose

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  1. Abhinay Bulakh

    Very clearly explained..thank you!

  2. C. Bella

    Dear Sam,

    I really enjoyed your Power Point presentation today about the foundations of your Certification Course.
    I have taken some of your short courses and am interested in your Certification Courses.
    The main thing holding me back from taking them is this: I’ve been using the North Indian-style chart for 25 years and my mind very quickly processes the information in that format.
    When I look at a South Indian chart, I feel like an illiterate.
    Would it be possible for you to show your example kundalis in both style charts side-by-side like some other teachers do?

    With great respect,

  3. Lisa McKnight

    Hi Sam,
    Thank you for this! The link to the Early Bird List is not working for me.

  4. Alyson

    This is cool. I have excitement and wonder and share it with children at day camp and members at the gym, my yoga practicing friends and acquaintances. Learning from you adds to my understanding and therefore strength in sharing.

  5. Melody

    Thank you Sam, I have taken your level one certification course and it was such a great learning process, I felt like you really covered everything in detail step by step. I am still taking it in and will go through it again and again when I havd the time. I really enjoy and appreciate all of these videos you post also and find though I have taken the course I get so much out of watching them and hearing the information presented again in a different way. Whoever is reading this, “this is really good stuff!” Thank you again, Sam

  6. Yulia Mamaeva

    Dear Sam,

    Thank you for sharing with all of us those important shlokas from BPHS! As a BA in Asian studies I highly appreciate when educators start from revealing the basic terms and view point of the source texts they are dealing with. Especially in case those texts may empower their knower to live a meaningful life as well as support others in finding their part in the divine lila 🙂

    I’m studying BPHS now, moving through it little by little. I will also have an additional course to deepen my knowledge of Sanskrit not to rely just on English translation of the text. So I wanted to ask you what translation of BPHS do you prefer to use? Or in case you had studied Sanskrit before did you translate the mentioned shlokas yourself?

    Thanks again for your work! l’m curious and excited to see what you will share in the coming videos.

    With love,

  7. Sylvia Sheldon

    Hi Sam, just love your clear and concise ways of sorting out the confusion that reigns when I think of Astrology, I am getting closer to taking your courses, and am looking forward to being transformed.

    • Sam Geppi

      Sylvia, thanks for the comments and yes, you should take the course. It will clear so much up for you!

  8. Eleanora Gauri Trainor

    Sam this was a beautiful presentation. Thank-you
    I’m in my final exam for my Vedic Studies, and would like to in the future sign up for your teachings. I appreciate your deep focus of the spiritual aspect: Vedic Astrology is the science of spirituality. OM Shanti

  9. Kerem Gurer

    What level of confidence do you have right
    now in your astrology methods AND/OR the
    direction of your life? A: Full confident with you and a “FEW” other astrologer, Thank you.

    Are you making your life decisions based on a
    true assessment of who you are and what is
    possible? A: I am 36, by far for “1” year i am doing that:))

    Or are those decisions more fearbased?
    Where do you go from here? A: By far my decisions were exactly based on “nothing”, Now i started to think more about health and express real “love”.

    Thamk you!

    • Pinar

      Dear Kerem need to contact with you
      Please contact me

  10. Nilesh

    Hi Sam,

    I am interested in the level 1 Course but I would like to know, instead of 4 parts, can I make the payment in 8 parts, if possible? I am from India.

    Thank you


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