Practice and Peers 

In this video you will learn:

  • The power of one consistent voice in astrology mentoring.
  • How a community can be even better than one on one training.
  • How 2-3 focused hours each week can change everything for you.
  • Much More


  1. Stjepan Spanicek

    Dear Sam,
    you are great in exposing knowledge … need to say … 🙂 …
    You are very convincing and giving out plenty of reasons for starting this Course. All of these reasons are good and very logical.
    I appreciate your work and your Course very much. I would really like to join your course, but I can not.
    Thank you for all these nice videos.
    I will continue to act as hunters-gatherers … 🙂 … just to collect what I need and when I need. I am not an absolute beginner, and need to say … all knowledge did find me when I needed it.
    You are doing so well. Congratulations. Wishing you a good success in the future as well.
    Stjepan Spanicek

  2. Rob Ludenhoff

    Hi Sem,
    Excuse my (school)engles. I like to follow these lessons, but it scares me a little. For me to learn in this way is totaly new. what do the lessons cost and how do I pay? I did no not exactly understand, but can I do at any moment these lessons privat or is there a specific time that we are all together have to connected?

    Thanks verry much for the video about the two zodiac,s, waw!


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