In this video you will learn:

  • How to make the shift between “believing in astrology” and actually “practicing it”
  • How karma is “the only way to learn” and grow
  • How selfishness evolve toward devotion, systematically.
  • A couple powerful examples that show how “Priority and Sequence” works.
  • Much More


  1. Andre

    Mars evolutionary process
    Tamas: the will to live and the will for self preservation. The energy associated with The primal urge to seek sustainence and shelter to preserve the integrity of the body itself.

    Rajas:The outward manifestation of those energies or the urges we share with others as the ego develops i.e. Anger, aggression and I guess even passive aggression. And I guess more simply put is emphasis on protecting the ego and destroying others to achieve those means.

    Sattwa: now since mars destroys things because of its nature I would say the final thing mars would need to destroy is the ego itself which is the thing it so desperately protects on the rajasic level. Once we destroy the ego we in essence destroy or separate self which in turn brings us back to our connection with oneness.

    What do think Sam, do I have this figured out ok?
    (rajasic need for validation)
    Lol 🙂

  2. umesh

    Mars ,physical -strength,soldier.destruction,hardwork,spicy food
    Emotional -anger , short tempered,achievement
    Spirit – physical yoga to achieve salvation

  3. Julio

    Hi Sam.

    We can say than Mars is agression, logic, energy, action, discipline, blood, speed, friends…etc
    Tamasic Mars it’s a kind of energy wich is used towards protection and preservation, maybe with fear and anger. The motivation is to mantain the things as they are.
    Rajasic Mars is a Mars that iniate the activity, the battle, whatever… acts with a lot of energy and passion. Wants to satisfy the senses and win the battle, to advance
    Sattvic Mars is the energy, the discipline that comes from an inspiration (but we dont know what kind of inspiration…)

    Thanks for the video

    • Sam Geppi

      Awesome, yes – anger becoming frustration transformed into discipline is the evolution of Mars.

  4. Eleanor G Biddle

    …far out–thanks Sam, namaste to you and yours☺

  5. Eleanor G Biddle

    Namaste Sam–your summary of the students who chimed in is ideal, correct? Thanks. Eleanor

  6. Rhi Mahoney

    Mars fierce passion, transformation through fire

  7. Silpa

    Thank you! I appreciate so much all that you have offered in these videos. I have even more respect for this ancient gift of knowledge we have been given. I am deeply grateful for the information that you have so generously shared over the years to help humanity in these times. Jai Ma.

  8. Michael Mallal

    My Lagna is in Tula. Guru in Tula may bring good fortune and spiritual knowledge to this native who is deeply ensnared in maya and samsara, constantly attempting to achieve illusory goals.
    The trikona 5th bhava of Aquarius, 7th bhava of Aries and trikona 9th bhava of Gemini are all aspected by Guru in Tula. Aquarius is actually the residence of Guru who may be stimulated towards some form of creativity. The natives marriage may also benefit and perhaps the native will defeat his enemies with the blessings of Guru. Perhaps the native will enjoy overseas travel or legal studies during this period as Sagittarius, ruler of travel and higher courts, is ninth rasi in the natural zodiac and the native’s father was a Middle Templar.

  9. Ajay Prasad

    Guess I am getting to these videos pretty late…
    I would think mars tamsi characteristics would be fear (about self preservation) due to ignorance.
    Rajsic would the actions in pursuit of happiness for self, leading to anger, excitement etc…
    And satvic would be the channeled action that provides the joy to self without causing either excitement or frustration due to successes or failures…


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