50 + Hours from

Certification Course #1

Module 1 – Universal Astrology – Planets and Signs
8 Classes – 6 Assignments
Topics Covered:
Week 1. General Planetary Attributes – Sun/Leo – Moon/Cancer are discussed. Confidence, connection and family or childish displays and tantrums.

Week 2. Mars and Signs are discussed. Courage and discipline or anger and hostility.
Week 3. Mercury and His Signs are discussed. Skill and flexibility or mindless stimulation and trivia.
Week 4. Jupiter and His Signs are discussed. Meaning and hope or
Week 5. Venus and Her Signs – The Seductive one enchants us all
Week 6. Saturn and His Signs – The Old man – the bringer of wisdom and truth – Keeping it real
Module 2 – Universal Astrology 2 – Houses, Nodes, Etc
8 Classes – 6 Assignments
Topics Covered
Week 1 – Astrology Houses 1 through 4 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of Self and those Anchoring Processes

Week 2 – Astrology Houses 5-8 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of relationship with others and the Anchoring Processes
Week 3 – Houses 9 -12 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of our relations to the universe and the Anchoring Processes
Week 4 – Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). See Rahu / Ketu Course for More Detail.
Week 5 – Anchoring Conditions: Combustion and Retrograde Examined in Detail. Anchoring Techniques w/ Houses
Week 6 – Review and Application of Universal Astrology 1 and 2
Module 3 – Vedic Astrology 1
8 Classes – 6 Assignments
Topics Covered
– Relevant Astronomy and Important Calculations

– Planetary Friendship / Enmity and Dignity
– Houses and Planets as House Rulers
– Harmonic Charts – Calculation, Use and Meaning
– Rasi and Graha Aspects (What They Are and How they Differ)
– Special Characteritics of Signs and Planets (Body Parts, Feet, Directions)
– Yogas (Combinations of Power)
– Components of Shad Bala and How to Use Them
Module 4 – Vedic Astrology 2
8 Classes – 6 Assignments
Topics Covered
– Nakshatras and Their Use (Extensive – Continuous Focus)

– Integrating Dasas and Transits for Predictive Accuracy
– Dusthana Houses and Rulers
– Reading the Clients Mind, Character and Mood (they are different)
– Shortcuts to Reading Horary Charts and When to use Them
– Zeroing in on What is Most Important in any Chart
– Making Accurate Predictions that Empower Your Clients
– Making A Living Doing Readings (Boundaries, Problem Clients, Your Personal Issues)


52 Hours of Classes
Normally $640.00
Special Now – Only $147.00


Below Are A Few Things You Will Learn
In This Unique Course:

A powerful “organizing strategy” to let you know a person’s biggest challenge, greatest strength and largest excess / imbalance.
The simple, but invaluable difference that allows you know for sure how a planet will feel versus what it will produce. This trips up most astrologers (and it is not even that hard to see).
An easy, crystal clear way to make exact predictions that work, with the client empowered, and you as the astrologer, empowered. This is easy once you are crystal clear about exactly what astrology is and how it works.
The most important key in unlocking the hidden gate of confidence in your readings and statements. Once you learn this secret, you can look at any chart and confidently make one correct statement after the next AND it is the most important stuff your client needs to hear. They will love you for it. .
A simple, works every time technique that lets you see if you or someone else is unconscious, dreaming or awake in certain areas of life AND what to do about it. This information is necessary for prescribing remedies that someone will actually do.
How to know which clients can “handle the straight up truth” and which ones you have to be more careful with. Knowing this can help you avoid inadvertently leaving a client in tears and doing more harm than good .
Rock solid methods and phrases for illuminating a person’s fears, in an empowering way to them.
Invaluable information on walking that fine line between being to nice and “cheerleading” to being too dark and “depressing”. You must know how to deliver difficult news and problems to people.
How to avoid readings where you are just reacting to the client and getting pushed around by their desire to have you articulate the outcome they want – even when you do not see it – or worse, when you know it would be a disaster for them.
How to see a person’s deepest obsessions and what to say to help them channel that energy in a more conscious direction.
How to know when a difficulty, like a major health issue, is just a passing phase or if it is something that is settling in for the long haul. This is really valuable as most people get readings when distressed and you must be able to tell if their stress (or their child / partner’s stress) is life changing or momentary.
The most difficult houses and influences for the Moon and why it is so. Knowing this allows you to read the clients mind and feel their inner landscape.
Two Words: Problem Clients – and how to see in their natal chart whether or not it might be best to avoid doing their reading.
Much Much More.

52 Hours of Classes

Normally $640.00
Special Now – Only $147.00