astroquantaLearn how Vedic astrology can be used as a tool for psychological and emotional healing and self-empowerment, by examining the connections between Vedic Astrology, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.
Also, look into the deeper connections between Eastern beliefs and sciences and their Western counterparts. 
We will see how Karma, the Chakras, Astronomy are related to the Triune brain, RAS, Cognitive biases from neuroscience and the Double-slit experiment wave and particle theories - string theories from Quantum physics.
Unraveling exactly HOW the Sciences of the east and West clarify and complete each other is enormously important, if your BELIEFS are ever going to become RITUALS.

Although all of that may sound complex, it is not. Basically we will explore the science behind why you act the way you do, mainly through ancient hard wired reflex responses, continuously re-creating the same patterns over and over (Karma), and how to make better choices in the future.  

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Sam Geppi
Founder – American Academy of Vedic Art and Science 
Sam Geppi (Sadasiva) is the author of “The Ascendant-108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science – which offers level 1-3 Certification programs in Vedic Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than 120 students enrolled. Sam is certified level 1 and 2 through ACVA and CVA and was hired by Dattatreya Shiva Baba to teach the first Astroved Vedic Astrology Certification Program in 2010. 

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