Four, 2 Hour Classes from my Certification Course AND the Manual for the Entire Course For Free You Just Pay the Shipping


CLASS 1 (2 Hours) 
Relevant Vedic Background
Absolutely Crucial to doing VEDIC astrology is understanding the Vedic principles. Here are several relevant details based on Vedic/Yogic principles that apply to Astrology.

CLASS 2 (2 Hours) 
Astrology, Numerology & Planetary Associations
You must understand why the planetary order is the way it is and how each planet is related to every other one - what it has in common and in conflict with others.

CLASS 3 (2 Hours) 
Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). 
It is impossible to know that subconscious and hidden nature of a person without understanding the Nodes. This is a great overview. 

CLASS 4 (2 Hours) 
Yogas and aspects (Combinations of Power)
Predictive accuracy in astrology is based on understanding the rules that show when karmas will ripen and how they are affecting each other.


WRITTEN MANUAL - Close to 200 Pages

Entire Certification Course Manual (in PDF Form)

The Study Guide to All of these Classes - as well as the class charts, homework and test questions! 

- Relevant Vedic Background
- General Planetary Attributes
- Mars and Signs
- Mercury and His Signs Also we discuss the first "Anchoring Technique" - "Its Elemental".
- Jupiter and His Signs as well as a couple more of the "Anchoring Techniques".
- Venus and Her Signs
- Saturn and His Signs

- Astrology, Numerolgy & Planetary Associations
- Astrology Houses 1 through 4 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of Self and those Anchoring Processes
- Astrology Houses 5-8 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of relationship with others and the Anchoring Processes
- Houses 9 -12 Examined in Detail. The unfolding of our relations to the universe and the Anchoring Processes
- Rahu and Ketu Examined in Detail (an overview). See Rahu / Ketu Course for More Detail.
- Anchoring Conditions: Combustion and Retrograde Examined in Detail. Anchoring Techniques w/ Houses
- Review and Application of Universal Astrology 1 and 2

- Relevant Astronomy and Important Calculations
- Planetary Friendship / Enmity and Dignity
- Houses and Planets as House Rulers
- Harmonic Charts - Calculation, Use and Meaning
- Rasi and Graha Aspects (What They Are and How they Differ)
- Special Characteritics of Signs and Planets (Body Parts, Feet, Directions)
- Yogas (Combinations of Power)
- Components of Shad Bala and How to Use Them


- Nakshatras and Their Use (Extensive - Continuous Focus)

- Integrating Dasas and Transits for Predictive Accuracy
- Dusthana Houses and Rulers

- Reading the Clients Mind, Character and Mood (they are different)

- Shortcuts to Reading Horary Charts and When to use Them

- Zeroing in on What is Most Important in any Chart

- Making Accurate Predictions that Empower Your Clients

- Making A Living Doing Readings (Boundaries, Problem Clients, Your Personal Issues)


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