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More details about the Rahu Ketu and Karma course here.

I know there are things in your life that are confusing you, both about yourself and others. Obviously you understand the power of Astrology to shed light into the dark corners of your mind and psyche and reestableish peace and connection.

In truth, I feel like this may be the most important class I teach, because the Nodes are so potent, confusing and powerful. They require a lot of attention and I am going to give them that attention in this unique class.

I honor your willingness to dig deeply into life’s mysteries and think outside of the box. You should give yourself credit for not just taking the blue pill.

We went go  DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE for sure in this class. 

A Few Confessions, Sorry to be “In your face, but…”

I have to be honest about something here. I almost never hear other astrology teachers explain the Nodes veery well or give a useful framework for them. I don’t blame these astrologers, because after all, the Nodes are the quality of “Divine Confusion”. Unless they are very active in the astrologers chart, the explanations will be lacking. The Nodes in my chart are about as powerful as they could be, and I have had to work through the confusion like few you will meet.

Also,… For the Vedic astrology “dabblers”

There are more and more students now, of both Spiritual schools and Western astrology –  who are interested in Vedic astrology, but have not formally studied. Many dabble and ask questions and have concerns / misunderstand things. To them I extend an invitation to actually get some professional training. There is a point where you need to just make a little investment in something and open up the divine channel authentically. Once you do that, unimaginable wisdom flows. See my Guarantee Below.

The Unique Class Format

As many of you know, I have been teaching teleclasses for more than five years now. These are weekly telephone meetings where we go over the materials covered in the course manuals. I think this is a good model, but not a perfect one. Here is why.

The rigid “once a week” class schedule creates the impression that people are falling behind if they can’t make that day. I have also found that these weekly appointments are really not as necessary to learning as I had thought before. Most of the time on the calls themselves, the students are just getting used to the information and are not yet ready to ask questions. The questions come later in the week when the students do the homework and have time to reflect on the material.

In “Rahu / Ketu – The Mystic or the Fool”
 Classes, I will delivered two 90 minute classes each week.. pure content with no chatting or discussions. Then at the end of weeks 2 and 4 there will be a 2 hour conference call where all of our most pressing questions will be answered.

This way, students have formed their questions and are ready.

They were in:

1. Video Form (Face cam and visual, not screen cam of class)
2. Audio Form (Mp3 for ipod or computer)
3. Electronic Manual (pdf form)

Class Schedule:

CLASS 1 – The Divine Portal, The Potential, The Planets
~ In Depth Overview of the Nodes as Divine Portals and Potencies (90 min)
~ Every Planet in Association with Rahu and Ketu (90 min)

CLASS 2 – A Serpentine influence on the Signs / Connect!
~ Every Sign in Association with the Rahu / Ketu Axis (90 min)
* Group Conference Call / Chart Reading Brainstorming Session (2 hrs) *

CLASS 3 – The Sarpa Houses and Nakshatras
~ Every House in Association with the Rahu / Ketu Axis (90 min)
~Rahu / Ketu Nakshatras (Ashwini, Ardra, Magha, Swati, Mula, Shatabhishak) (90 min)

CLASS 4 – Putting It All Together/ Connect!
~ Synthesis of Factors Together (90 min)

Resources and Extras:

  • Quick Start Guide to Planets, Signs and Houses to Help You Streamline the Information
  • Class Member Charts Looked at in the Class (If you would like) and the ability to discuss it with class members as you learn.
  • Practical Methodology and looking at charts, not just endless theory

What is the Cost?

Most astrology classes cost from 30.00-40.00 per hour. Actually I think that is a fair price. Because I am good at leveraging the power of online communication (Gemini) I can usually get more students in class and thereby pass the saving along to you (A good merchant strikes a fair deal).

There will be 13 hours of material delivered. If we factor in grading homework time, forum time and answering questions, that would be several more hours of my time – but lets just call it an extra two hours of my time you will get.

15 hours @ 40/hour is 600.00 You won’t pay that much!
15 hours @ 30/hour is 45000.00 You won’t pay that much either!
15 hours @ 20/hour is 350.00 You won’t pay that much!
15 hours @ 15/hour is 25.00 – Which would be more than fair for all you are getting (I have not even told you about the Bonuses yet 🙂>
But I will not even be charging 225.00

This class is only $97.00

Where:    Your home. It is a Tele/VideoClass.
How Much:  $179.07 A little more than 10USD / Hour. Plus you will have recordings of the classes forever so you can always go back and study.
Included:    Quick-Start Guide and Templates, Member Forum, Audio, Video and MP3 Formats, Looking at Tons of Charts (including yours), AMAZING BONUSES (See below).