The Power Love is the most important thing you have
You can be thankful that someone loved you – however imperfect it was. That love gave you belief, that the universe is a benevolent place, where there are answers. That is what has made you a seeker.

You have maybe been looking for love in all of the wrong places (as the song says”, but finally you are starting to look in the right place – in astrology and the Vedic Sciences. 

I looked for love in music for many years as a musician. Then around the turn of the century, I returned to my roots in Yoga and Vedic Sciences and set my intention on Astrology.

I am so glad I did, mainly because it allows me to help others. 

So, Why Are You Still Stuck?

You have tried to change your life for the better many times, that is why you study astrology. 

But you may still be stuck in ruts due to your more primal, instinctive programming.

Your 3 Brains:

  • Did you know you have three brains – a reptile, a mammal and a human.
  • These 3 brains are constantly in conflict with each other.
  • The “higher Self” part of you is always battling against social norms and family norms (the mammalian brain) and your deeper fears and habits (the reptile brain).
  • You are likely 2-5 times more motivated to avoid plan than to seek happiness or pursue higher learning and growth due to this primal programming.

Getting You UNStuck With The 3 Vedic Sciences Working Together
Before I formally began studying astrology, I had done the Indian meditations and practices. This gave me a holistic understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection first.

For example, the element of “Air” correlates differently to each Vedic science.
Astrology – intellect and speech
Yoga – Prana and vitality
Ayurveda – movement and vata (restlessness)

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Yoga / Astrology Course and Ayurveda Course Bundle

Yoga and Vedic astrology Master Class Weekend
12 hours – Video – Audio

In this 12 hour weekend immersion, you will learn how to live in harmony with your deeper cosmic nature everyday.

You will learn how your life can be improved by Vedic astrology, regardless of your current level of understanding.

You Will Learn:
~ Elevating Relationship love – from imbalance to equality and respect.

~ Why “anger” is just discipline in disguise, and what to do about it.
~ The key to remaining consistent and confident in your career and life.
~ How to juggle belief and hope with facts and Scientific proof.
~ How to get more discrimination and bust through communication problems distortions.
~ The evolution of Self through Body, Mind and Spirit (3 Gunas).
~ How and why our sense of Self-worth directly determine our income. ~ How changing diapers is directly related to having a life partner.
~ How to transform fear into strength. No growth is possible without this. ~ The creative quality of confusion. Why does God want us confused?
~ Much more.

Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology Master class
18 Hours – Audio
This 18 hour master class was taught to Ayurvedic practitioners to help them evaluate the charts of their clients. So the level of teaching is very high. 

You will learn:
~ How to draw the chart and the basic astronomy / architecture of an astrology Chart (I explain this to clients in 5 minutes in every astrology reading)

~ Connecting astrology to the philosophy of Ayurveda with emphasis on the tissues, Elements and qualities of nature.
~ Introduction to astrological timing factors.
~ Deeper Qualities of Planets – Their expressions through mind, body and spirit.
~ Planetary expressions through the Signs – Psychology – masculine and feminine – Appearance – constitutional factors explored.
~ Planetary Cycles of Health and illness using Vimshottari Dasa Cycle.
~ Connecting to the Living Sky and dynamic cycles using astrology transits
~ Blending static chart indicators with dynamic factors to determine a course of action
~ Special approach to remedies based on Astrology. (Mainly Mantra remedies for planets)
~ Saturn, Nodes, Jupiter and Mars. Always knowing where they are and why that is crucial to your patients.



Relationship Astrology Course

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